Wise Cravings

I was a vegetarian for almost 15 years. Last November, I found myself craving meat. THAT hadn’t happened before. Meat had been largely unappealing for most of those 15 years. And yet, this feeling was unmistakable. I even had a dream about wanting to eat meat.

So I decided to trust this craving, and I began eating meat again. I was surprised at how easy and seamless it was. I just stepped right back into it. And I had the immediate sense that, now, NOW, I was getting enough. I hadn’t realized that I felt deprived. Or, that’s not quite right—I hadn’t realized how sparse, how meager, my eating felt.

I recently went for a doctor visit and, bingo: I had big deficiencies in a couple of really crucial vitamins. Vitamins that come primarily from animal sources.

Isn’t that amazing?

My body KNEW. And the craving was the message.

I am still in awe of how my body communicated this completely unseen but increasingly urgent state to me. Our bodies are so wise. And so connected with our minds. They’re not at all the separate entities we tend to treat them as.

What messages are you getting from your body right now? Are you listening?

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