Tiny Doorways

You might have noticed that I have been writing shorter, simpler blog posts lately. It has been feeling more in tune with my own recent experiences of learning to listen to soul.

Listening to what is alive and true for us can seem like it is this Big Thing—something that requires intensity and is very effortful. And that is sometimes a helpful way to be with it. I have been experiencing a different way in the last many months.

What is alive and moving in us is often quite subtle or a just a brief ripple on the surface. A feeling that is barely detectable. A momentary clinch in our gut. A flutter of joy or sadness. It’s there and then seemingly gone.

I’ve been noticing and really appreciating these quieter ripples of experience a lot more than I used to. They have so much to say for something that can feel so small. They are tiny doorways into the vastness of ourselves.

For me, these doorways are more noticeable through meditation, being in nature, creative practices, and being with trusted others who can sense experiences and feelings I might not and reflect them back to me (which is one of the reasons psychotherapy is so helpful). For me, I can more easily sense these doorways in any place that is open, quiet, and safe.

Do you notice these “smaller” experiences in yourself? When you do notice them, do you take a moment to let them register consciously? What activities or practices do you have (or would you like to develop) that allow them to come forth and be felt?

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